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How do you decide which is the best Christmas lantern? Which should win between an all-coconut fiber parol, an oft-used motif yet professionally executed and a stand electric fan decked as in capiz, shells and bells? Or what about a boat as a manger and a star of faux moss? The criteria of 50% creativity + 50% visual impact doesn't help much of course.

Eventually, I decided to give my vote to this paper cylinder with a nativity creche. The use of seaweed and raffia brought the local color appeal prevalent in most entries (the company is engaged in seaweed trade after all). I also favored the 3D factor and the pleasant colors combinations. I didn't really know which won as I had to move on to another party... Yes, this is Christmastime in the Philippines after all.

Cebu, the Philippines

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Date: 2005-12-18 09:48:34

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colours do not anything itself. colours become art and colours become attractvie only when the man feels something from that. you are bringing those sensitive colours's world into the humane space. yes, from those colours, we can see lots of cultures. great shot and greate season.
maybemaq 2005-12-18 10:23:57
I like it, Great shot Farl!
Ctd 2005 2005-12-18 10:34:12
Wow; this is an eyepopping image. Well Done.
Atelier Teee 2005-12-18 11:10:15
love the description of your choices! & you chose well ~ (reminds me of those 3-D scenes carefully, colorfully done inside easter eggs :)
alight 2005-12-18 11:16:24
Very colourful! Where's the seaweed though?
shimmertje 2005-12-18 11:49:14
maq, chris, terence, salamat!

shimmertje, oops, I forgot to add a note. just did. the seaweed is what appear as grass in the "manger".
Farl 2005-12-18 12:23:27
Thanks for the colors. Very nice.
delicious silver 2005-12-18 20:55:47
Very nice, first time to see this
savory day 2005-12-19 02:01:00
this is brilliant farl!
full lace 2005-12-19 09:40:39
This is gorgeous, Farl, how talented and artist its maker must be!
FlowrBx 2005-12-19 10:44:20
salamat once more.

UPDATE: this eventually finished tied for second prize with the electric fan entry (#7 in the collage next pic).
Farl 2005-12-19 12:05:42
Terrific colours. The actual nativity scene looks very drab compared to its surroundings!
Lazy B 2005-12-19 23:39:54
It's beautiful Farl. I really like the way you've composed the image.
Lynn. 2005-12-21 12:04:14
It must've been fun to be a judge on this competition :) I've never seen something like this. Nice angle.
Eric Setiawan 2005-12-21 12:53:46

Eric, yes, it was fun.
Farl 2005-12-22 10:57:49
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called PINOY ARTISTRY, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
Elmer I. Nocheseda ng Pateros 2008-02-19 07:29:54

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